The Tedworth Hunt is delighted to be supported by a growing number of Patrons. The Patron’s Club was formed for those who may not hunt themselves, but who are happy to assist the Tedworth Hunt. Many of our patrons are friends or members of families of our hunting field. Their ongoing support is enormously important, and the Hunt is eager to encourage more people to join the Patrons’ Club. 

The benefits for Patrons are:

  • Drinks in the Tedworth Hunt tent at the Point to Point
  • Invitation to the summer Puppy Show 
  • Patrons are welcome all Hunt events 
  • Patrons are listed in the annual Green Book
  • Free Meet Cards 

The cost of annual patronage is:


The Tedworth Hunt Masters, Committee, Members and Supporters would like to thank all of the Patrons for their support.

To become a patron please contact Julie Steptoe at fieldsecretary -at- tedworthhunt -dot- co -dot- uk