Who’s Who

The Masters (MFHs)

are in overall charge of the hunt and their word is final in the field and in the kennels. They are responsible for the hounds, the staff, and the field, and decide when and where hounds meet, what coverts to draw, and when hounds will go home. They aim for the hounds to show the best possible sport without damaging land or upsetting the farmers who make the sport possible.

The Huntsman

controls the hounds, indicating to them by signals where he wishes them to draw for a ‘fox’ (the trail). The hounds work together as a pack with the Huntsman encouraging the tail hounds, steadying the lead hounds, and assisting the hounds to find the trail.

The Whippers-In

assist the Huntsman in controlling hounds by turning them back to the Huntsman or by encouraging them forward as necessary. Also, they are used by the Huntsman as scouts. No one except the Huntsman gives orders to Whippers-In. No one, except by request of the Huntsman or MFH, should accompany them or attempt to assist them.

The Field Master

is in charge of the field on the day of a hunt and is responsible for keeping the followers up with hounds and making sure all the riders go where they are permitted. The Field Master can be a Tedworth MFH or they can delegate the role to another experienced member of the hunt.

The Trail Layers

are responsible for laying a scent trail for the hounds to follow across the countryside taking a route that simulates a fox. They will pass through woods, along hedgerows, coverts, ditches and open land. The Tedworth hunt lay the trail from horse back using a rag tied to a hunting crop.

The Secretary

assists the Field Master in his or her job of observing and reporting the behaviour of the Field, particularly as it affects the landowners. Damaged fences should be reported to the Secretary. The “cap” for your days hunting (a set fee per day) must be paid to the Field Secretary at the meet. For more information click here

The Treasurer

takes care of the hunt’s finances and keeps the committee informed of the overall financial situation.

The Committee

help the Hunt Servants with their roles as well as being responsible for organising the wide variety of fundraising events throughout the year.

The Hunt Supporters

help to raise money for the general upkeep of the kennels and are responsible for many of the social events throughout the year.