Hunting Etiquette

The main thing to remember is you are an ambassador for the hunt and a guest of the landowner who’s land you will be hunting over so please be polite and considerate at all times. 

Before the meet

  • If you are not a subscriber, please email the Secretary for meet details at fieldsecretary -at- tedworthhunt -dot- co -dot- uk. As there are often last minute changes, for example due to weather, you should check arrangements the day before

At the meet

  • Park as directed making sure you are not blocking other road users. Please remember you are a guest of the landowner whose land you ride or walk on
  • At the meet it is customary to greet the Master(s) with a simple “Good Morning” 
  • If you owe a Cap then make sure you find the Hunt Secretary
  • If your horse is excited make sure you keep out of the way of people on foot and other horses
  • Before moving off the Huntsman will address the field. Listen carefully for any instructions and to identify your Field Master(s)
  • The trail may be laid straight from the meet from a quad, horse or on foot depending on terrain. Several methods may be employed on any one day. Often several trails are laid which can be broken to replicate natural hunting, slow the pace and increase the challenge

In the field

  • Please be courteous at all times to farmers, landowners and members of the general public
  • When setting off let the Hounds and Hunt Staff leave first. Always turn your horse’s head towards hounds. To kick a hound is the worst ‘sin’ and you can be sent home
  • Keep behind the Field Master at all times and follow his/her instructions as to where you can ride, especially where with regard to riding over land where stewardship schemes are in operation
  •  If you are at the back of the field please make sure you close any gates 
  • If you are coming up to a jump do not gallop in front of other people, wait your turn and if your horse refuses, get out of the way and try to follow someone further down the field
  • Do not interfere with the hounds or Hunt Staff during the day 
  • If you see a fox during the course of the day do not holloa as was traditional but indicate the direction of the fox to Hunt Staff so they can take appropriate action
  • If riding along a road always allow other vehicles to pass and say thank you to any cars that slow down, even if you are in a group 
  • Make every effort to avoid causing damage to land, fences or crops. Any damage should be reported immediately to a hunt official
  • You may be asked to assist the hunt staff for safety reasons 

At the end of the day

  • You are free to go home at any point in the day but try and let the field master or field secretary know, particularly on Salisbury Plain where there can be military restrictions in place
  • If you don’t know your way home ask someone in the field and they should be able to either direct you or introduce you to someone who is going home too
  • It is traditional to say “goodnight” as you leave the hunting field whatever the time of day! 
  • On your way home, please continue to be courteous and respectful. Ride carefully round crops, stewardship land and around livestock and close any gates