Tedworth Hunt Country

The Tedworth hounds hunt trails across some of the most beautiful parts of Wiltshire and Hampshire . Our country is twenty-five miles north to south and twenty-two miles east to west. Our hunting neighbours include the Royal Artillery, the Avon Vale, the Vine and Craven and the Hursley Hambledon. 

Much of Tedworth country consists of open downland covered by numerous small coverts, but we ride over some extensive areas of woodland and arable farming country too.  Some meets involve more jumping than others and the secretary will be able to advise. Most of our jumps are simple timber post and rail in wire fences – and the odd hedge.

The Kennels

The War Office took over Tedworth House in 1897 but hounds continued to be kennelled in their old quarters in Tedworth Park and the Hunt was charged a nominal rent.  They remained there until 1942 when, due to the continuing fighting, the pack was dispersed and the hunt disbanded.  In 1946, after the war had ended, the Tedworth was re-established by J.C. Porter MFH who collected a new pack and provided kennels on his farm at Sunnyhill, in the Pewsey Vale.  In 1957 the farm was sold and the committee bought Westcourt near Burbage, the former racing stables of the late Herbert Braime, where the hounds are still kennelled today.