Hounds are at the very centre of a hunt and we spend a significant effort to ensure they live in the best possible surroundings. There is always work to be done and each summer provides opportunities to walk the new arrivals (walkers are always welcome!), as well friends to help mend and upgrade the kennels. So if you do want to get to know our hounds and staff well, do come up and help out in the summer.

Breeding for Perfection

There are currently 34 couple of hounds in Kennels with a further 6 couple who are the puppies that will be entered this season. Both Old and Modern English, Welsh, as well as American blood lines run in the pack.

Puppy Walking

We are always looking for puppy walkers. Although puppy walking is a significant commitment, it is an invaluable part of a hound’s life. It is so important as hounds are at the very core of any hunt. If you do walk puppies, you will have the satisfaction of seeing your hound working over the years to come and you will quite rightly know that you’ve made a significant contribution through your time and effort (and no doubt patience!) to the Tedworth.

Puppy Show 2018 Results

The Puppy Show was held at the Kennels on Saturday 16th June 2018.

Eight couple of young hounds came before the judges, who were Captain Ian Farquhar LVO MFH joint master of the Duke of Beaufort’s Hounds and Ian Langrish former huntsman of the Garth and South Berkshire Hunt.

The judges made the following awards:


  • 1st Smiler by VWH Smasher 2014 out of Tedworth Worship 2012
  • 2nd Smokescreen, brother to Smiler
  • 3rd Foreman by Dartmoor Woodcock 2015 out of Tedworth Faithful 2013


  • 1st Footloose, sister to Foreman
  • 2nd Foxglove, sister to Foreman
  • 3rd Hasty by Berkeley Forester 2015 out of Tedworth Habit 2014

The Ted Burton Memorial Trophy for the champion Hound, presented by Dot Burton, was awarded to Smiler

The prize for the hound at walk the longest was awarded to Forager walked by Danny Allen and Emily Woodruff

The prize for the Best working hound of the 2017 entry was awarded to Diehard by Tedworth Stanley 2015 out of Tedworth Dazzle 2009 walked by Sally Jones

The Puppy Walkers were Georgie Price, Mirabel Helme, Sally Jones, Sarah Crean, Katie Rossiter, Monica Donovan, Sally Hine, Evie Knight-Bruce, Danny Allen and Emily Woodruff