Pony Club


Local Hunts have played an important part in the history of the Pony Club. Many Pony Club branches were formed as a way of teaching children how to care for and ride their ponies out hunting. That is why many branches are named after their local hunt.

The Tedworth hold a number of special Children’s Meets where all children are welcome to join in the fun. Children are also welcome at other meets but must be accompanied by an adult. Before allowing your child to come out hunting please read the Guidelines for Pony Club Members.

All members or their parents must be members of the Countryside Alliance for insurance purposes. (Membership is free for children)There is further information on the Pony Club and Hunting on the Tedworth Hunt Pony Club website

Accompanying a Child / Hunting Parent

All children under 14 years should be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the child throughout the hunting day.

For those parents who are unable to provide a chaperone for the day we offer a Hunting parent scheme. The Hunting parent is there to help and instruct the children, and will try to tell them about what’s going on. There are specific guidelines in order for your child to be eligible for this scheme and the Hunting parent role does not include any liability for any accidents during the day.

Other Events

Many of our social events throughout the year are geared towards including all of the family. These include visits to the kennels to meet the Hounds, enabling you to ask questions in a relaxed and social atmosphere. Details will be posted on our Events Page.

More Information

If you are a member of

  • Royal Artillery Pony Club please click here
  • Tedworth Hunt Pony Club please click here

For non members, please contact:

Tedworth Hunt Secretary : [email protected]