Welcome to the Tedworth

The Tedworth was started in 1826 by Mr Assheton Smith, who collected a pack from fifteen different kennels, and hunted the country till his death in 1858. His widow presented the hounds (120 couple) to the country.

Owing to military operations the Hunt was closed down and hounds dispersed in 1942. Hunting was resumed in 1946 with another pack collected by JC Porter who provided new kennels until they were moved to the current location.
The country is based in Wiltshire and Hampshire. It extends some 25 miles north to south by 22 miles east to west, comprising of Salisbury Plain on the south, Pewsey Vale in the centre and downland to the north and east. The Savernake Forest is within the country.
Since 1946 the Royal Artillery Hunt have been given permission to hunt in certain south western parts of the country jointly with the Tedworth on an annual agreement.
In nearly every wire fence there is a jumping place. Most fences are post and rail or a variety of although there are some hedges in the Pewsey Vale. A well-bred horse that can gallop and jump timber is required.

If you would like to find out more about the founder of the Tedworth, Thomas Assheton Smith, then click here for more details.

Hunting within the Law:

Since the imposition of the confusing 2004 Hunting Act we aim to confine our activities to within the law until the repeal of this unfair and unjustified law. However, there is still fun to be had so we look forward to welcoming you during the year.  Click here For Trail Hunting information: TEDWORTH TRAIL HUNTING